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The houses of Game of Thrones reimagined as modern brands (x)

i think i choked on tears at ‘Frey celebrations’

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Found this on the CBS facebook page and decided to share it.


"Dear How I Met Your Mother Creators,

To say I was disappointed in the series finale of How I Met Your Mother is a gross understatement. I am disconcertingly, irretrievably, unfathomably disappointed in the way you chose to end what used to be my absolute favorite television series of…

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"do not pity the dead, harry. pity the living. and above all, pity those who have been watching How I Met Your Mother for nearly a decade and got a really really shitty excuse of a final episode"

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…and that’s how I met your mother.

                                         f i n.

Aw the LAST scene of the finale!

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I need to prove a point - Reblog this if you think that HIMYM ruined the entire plot of the series with the finale episode

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my dash today, pretty much.

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How the show should have ended.

[x] - used this for inspiration

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The best tweets about HIMYM Series Finale.

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How I Met Your Mother finale:



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"You think you’ ll meet her again this way? You think you would reach her by doing so? The way you die could be a good way, is that what you think???" ~ Original Lines from AC.

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You came. Even though you’re about to break. That’s a good sign.

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lotr + ‘legolas, arwen & galadriel being pretty’

requested by elvennobleladyoftime

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The Infinite Hotel Paradox - One of the best math thought experiments ever devised, by Jeff Dekofsky for TED-Ed.

Luckily, I made an infinite reservation, so I should be just fine. 

This video nicely explains why (contrary to Hazel’s assertion in TFIOS) the infinite set between 0 and 1 is actually the same size as the infinite set between 0 and 2.

But as hinted at in the end of the video, some infinities still are bigger than other infinities.

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