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I put an end to my Juliet Romance project today. I see no point in further talk about sth that both of them have moved on from. For now, I sincerely wish Seo a happy wedding and marriage, that at last he found that someone.

And I also want to leave this parting thought with some of you guys who hate Lee Ji Ah. She didnt do anything wrong, even when Seo dated his future wife, she was still single. She has never said sth bad about Seo, never ever. I know she will be smiling just being happy for Seo getting married. So can you all give her a break?

Last and in the very least, all I can say that I will forever treasure my Juliet Romance project. I love it, it is one of my babies. I will show my kids [if I ever decide to have one] all these graphics, hehe. And tell them how much I love Seo Taiji and Lee Ji Ah.

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The Juliet Romance project no.5

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The Juliet Romance project no.4

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The Juliet Romance project no.2

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The Juliet Romance project no.1

To ppl who are tracking STJ or LJA tag and have problems with this crack ship [not really, they married for god’s sake] plz go blocking my tumblr from your dashboard. I love them both and I won’t stop “ruining” STJ/LJA tags. To those who somehow enjoy my photoset: I love you guys :3

I have no fucking regrets.

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